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Bam Research Station

Bam palm research station covers 40 hectares of land and groves and a water well, currently used for conducting research projects. The research station also enjoys a collection of different types of palm.


Jiroft Research Station

This station covers 40 hectares of land in Jahad Abad, Anbar Abad, Jiroft, which is used as a research center for drought-resistant subtropical plants. A collection is being gathered of various drought-resistant plants that are compatible with the region.


Raabor Research Station

Since Raabor is one of the main centers of the country's walnut production with the world’s oldest walnut tree, Research and Technology Institute of Plant Production holds to establish a walnut research station in Raabor in order to preserve the region’s germ plasm and help increase the applied scientific research on this product.


Golbaaf Research Station of Medicinal Plants

This station is established in an area of 3 hectares, aimed at preserving the germ plasm of the regional medicinal plants and investigating the feasibility of cultivating new medicinal plants with high economic value added and also, performing research projects in modification and production of medicinal plants using farming and biotechnological methods and processing these products.

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