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Strategic Missions of the Research Institute


Considering the strategic program of the Research and Technology Institute of Plant Production based on the local potentials and needs and in order to integrate the institute’s activities and also avoiding fragmentation, the main activities of the institute are focused on the following, enhanced by the participation of national and international research institutes’ participation. Therefore, only the research ideas and projects in tune with the following would be supported:

1.      Exploiting physiological technologies. Plant breeding and biotechnology with the aim of reducing water consumption and maximum efficiency

2.      Increasing performance potential. Biotic and abiotic stresses tolerance and improved processing methods in the horticultural and agricultural products of the strategic region of Southeast Iran

3.      Potentiometric of halophytes and drought-resistant plants native to the region of Southeast Iran and cultivation of new plants for use in the process of nature reform and revitalization

4.      Medicinal plants (identification of important habitat, breeding, the production of new varieties, processing and enhancing active ingredient, Ethnobotanics and Ethnopharmacology)

5.      Identification and protection of endangered native genetic resources in the Southeast region of Iran

6.      Supporting the product-centred technology, research and promoting initiatives in the field of participatory plant breeding and eugenic programs that are aimed to further communication between industry and academia.

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