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 Research and Technology Institute of Plant Production

Considering the significant role played by plant productions in Kerman province that made it hold the 1st rank in non-oil exports of Iran, especially the top rating in producing several crops such as date, pistachio, walnut, citrus, vegetable, grain, forage, industrial and pharmaceutical plants, the Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) was established in the SBUK in 1990 and the research station of date was also established in Bam. Afterwards, in 1994 with the agreement in principle of the Council of Higher Education, the Horticultural Research Institute developed three groups for medicinal plants, date and citrus, and later on in 2004 the definitive agreement for the research institute was obtained. Considering the importance of this research institute in Southeastern Iran and its mission to produce drought-tolerant plants for the Southeastern Iran climate, in 2009 the cabinet approved to turn this research institute to type A and three years later it was fulfilled. Then, in 2016, due to the necessity to work on various fields of plant production, the name of Horticultural Research Institute was alternated with the Research and Technology Institute of Plant Production (RTIPP) with three groups:
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Plant Stresses and Physiology, and Medicinal Plants. This research institute is now a successful supply-oriented research center working in the fields of plant production with the aim of domestic and international cooperation. This research institute is hosting the Iranian Center of Excellence for Environmental Stresses in Cereals (CEESC).

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